Refer to the Quick Start Guide that came with your HAELO device. This will guide you through the setup process! 

Set-up Instructions:

  • Download the HAELO App on a compatible iOS or Android smart phone or tablet. Your HAELO device will not work until the HAELO App is installed on a compatible smart device.
  • Plug the A/C power cord into the device (use gentle force to push the power cord female end into the device's male end,  approximately 5/8"). 
  • Plug the A/C power cord plug into a standard electrical outlet. 
  • Carefully insert the HAELO coil connector into the device and turn it clockwise until the connector clicks into place.
  • Turn ON the HAELO device.
  • Open the HAELO App. 
  • After the initial introductory screens, you will be prompted to Sign-in or Register. Sign in or register for your HAELO App user account. 
  • Provide permissions for Bluetooth connectivity. Once you accept, the system will prompt you to connect the HAELO device via Bluetooth. Connect to "HAELO_1.0" as listed in Bluetooth device selection screen.
  • Place the HAELO coil appropriately on your body, based on your specific scenario (e.g. abdomen, chest, or legs). 
  • Play any frequency set. The play button is toward the bottom of the screen.
  • When a frequency set is playing, you will notice three things:
    • The LED light on your HAELO device labeled "PLAYING" will turn solid white. 
    • The LED light on your HAELO coil will flicker in tune with the frequencies as a frequency set is playing. 
    • The HAELO device will make a chime sound to signal both the start and end of the frequency set.