Refer to the Quick Start Guide that came with your HAELO device. This will guide you through the setup process! 

Connect Coil Instructions:

1. Plug the AC power cord into the device and the plug into a standard electrical outlet. 

2. Carefully insert the HAELO coil connector into the coil connector slot on the back of the device (located at top left corner). Then, turn clockwise until the connector clicks into place. To remove the coil connector, slide the silver button on the connector toward you and turn counterclockwise. Pull the coil connector out. 

3. Turn the power switch ON. 

4. As the HAELO device turns on, you will hear two (2) sounds. The first sound indicates power is on and the second sound indicates a solid coil connection. 

If you have connected the coil correctly, you will also see the LED light on the device labeled COIL change to solid white.