Pairing Instructions:

  • Turn ON the HAELO device. You will hear two (2) sounds. The first sound indicates the power is on and the second sound indicates a solid coil connection. Make sure the LED lights labeled POWER and COIL turn to white with each sound. If not, please refer Quick Start Guide to connect the HAELO device and the COIL. Also confirm smart phone/tablet compatibility requirements for HAELO App.
  • Open the HAELO App on your smartphone or tablet. If this is the first time opening the App, you will be prompted to provide permission to use Push Notifications and Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet. Please accept the prompts to continue. Next, you will be prompted to connect to "HAELO_1.0" as listed in the Bluetooth Devices selection screen. Select "HAELO_1.0" to connect the HAELO device via Bluetooth.
  • Sign In or Register for your HAELO App user account.
  • Place the HAELO coil appropriately on your body. Select any frequency set (such as CALM). You will be directed to the frequency set details screen. Press the Play button at the bottom of the screen to play the selected frequency set. You should hear a chime sound to indicate the beginning of the frequency set. You will also see the LED light on your HAELO coil flickering which indicates that the coil is properly connected to the HAELO device and the HAELO App.