To test if your HAELO is playing Frequency Sets:

When a frequency set is playing, you will notice:

1) A chime sound will signal the beginning (and end) of the Frequency Set. 

2) The "PLAYING" light on your console will illuminate solid white. 

3) The LED light on your coil will flicker. 

To test if your HAELO is emitting frequencies:
1) Gauss Meter: you can purchase a Gauss meter online to confirm that there is a magnetic field being emitted from the HAELO coil.
2) Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite: you can download this free app onto your smartphone. Once downloaded, select "Magnetometer" under the "Magnetism" section. Then, play a Frequency Set and place your phone on top of the coil to see movement and fluctuating microTesla.

Note: HAELO is designed so that there is minimal loss of energy through the coil via heat, light, sound, vibration, etc. Therefore, you will not hear tones or feel physical sensations emitted from the coil directly. As long as your HAELO is working, you will be receiving the beneficial frequencies all the same! Please let us know if it appears your HAELO is not functioning correctly after testing with one or both of the above methods.